Bill McKechnie


January 24, 2013 by Elizabeth Metz


Infielder 1916-1917, manager 1938-1946. Inducted 1967.

Following a few unremarkable years with the team as a utility infielder in the late teens and several other managerial gigs, McKechnie returned to the Reds as manager in 1938, and was known for his knowledge of pitching and defense. Managed both the 1939 pennant winners and the 1940 World Series Champions.  His 744 wins as Reds manager was at the time a team record (since broken). Was the first manager in Major League history to win a World Series with two different teams.  Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.

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One thought on “Bill McKechnie

  1. […] 1939 and a World Series victory in 1940.  Highlights of his tenure include the hiring of manager Bill McKechnie and the acquisitions of second baseman Lonny Frey, third baseman Billy Werber, and pitcher Bucky […]

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