Sparky Anderson


May 29, 2013 by Elizabeth Metz


Manager, 1970-1978. Inducted 2000.

The winningest manager in Reds history. Anderson’s Reds won their division 5 times in 8 years (twice going on to win the World Series, and twice more finishing up with the NL pennant) and only once during his tenure did they finish below 2nd.  Known as “Captain Hook” for his eagerness to go to his capable bullpen when a starter showed signs of trouble. Also known to be a deft manager of personalities in a clubhouse full of stars. Anderson’s decision to ask Pete Rose to switch from left field to 3rd base to get George Foster‘s bat in the lineup put the finishing touches on the formidable Big Red Machine lineup.  A longtime Detroit Tigers manager after leaving Cincinnati, Anderson was the first manager to win the World Series in both leagues. He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2000, and his number 10 was retired by the team 5 years later.

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