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Hi there, sports fans!  I’m Elizabeth, a very part-time freelance illustrator and life-long Cincinnati Reds fan.  In an effort to warm up my sorely under-used drawing muscles and to keep connected with my favorite team (when I started this project, I was living 500 miles away in DC) I’ve decided to draw every member of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame. As of this project’s beginning in 2012, that number sat at 81. Three more inductions later, we sit at 89 as of 2018). And I’ve started this blog to share the project with YOU, the internet people.

That’s it, really.  One drawing for every player.  No deadlines.  No rules.  Maybe we’ll learn something together.  Maybe we’ll have fun.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally manage to draw a decent wishbone C.  Yikes:

Oh, also:  the concept of this project is inspired by (shamelessly borrowed from?) Every Hall of Famer by Summer Anne Burton.  If you haven’t seen her site yet, you should check it out.  It’s pretty great. My site is in no way affiliated with hers, nor is it affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds.

To get started viewing the project, you can click on the header above to see all posts starting with the most recent, or check out either of the “index” links in the drop down menu for a full clickable list of entries. Enjoy!

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